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Already wearing the awesome tshirt!

Already wearing the awesome tshirt!

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Communication Plan Layout

Planning for a communication plan is overwhelming sometimes. If we are trying to send specific messages to a specific audience, how do we keep it all straight? I start with an excel sheet with all information put into a template and then create a visual aid. This visual aid varies depending on how specific we make the plan but still helps visualize the goals and steps we are guiding the students through.

The numbers represent a stage the contact is in in the communication plan. The call to actions guide them through and give us direction on what we need to communicate and when.

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Is it a communication plan or a marketing plan?



  • Marketing Plans considers how you will market your good attributes despite your competition and any other challenges.
  • Communication Plans tell how you want to communicate, what you want to communicate and when you want to communicate.

——-Communication plans can form part of a larger marketing plan, or stand alone, delivering strategies for events and campaigns.———

Working with the Navigation Panel

Always forgetting where something is located when you were just there?  The Navigation Panel list the last 16 items you have viewed in Radius and it is displayed on the left-hand side of your Radius window. You can easily move from one record to another just by clicking on an item in the Recent Items list of the Navigation Panel. It’s a time saver instead of going from one module and searching over and over again.navigationphoto