You keep talking about my views….what are my views?!

Radius Definition of a View:  A List View is a screen that displays a list of records. For example the Contacts List View presents a list of Contacts; the Cases List View presents a list of Cases, etc.

How do we use views? Views are a way to organize the database in Radius for reports and email campaigns.  Every department in DELO has a different way of using Radius, so we organize the views to fit these needs.


Right Click what?

Start right-clicking. If you right-click on any item in an Radius list view you will have the option of opening the record in a new tab. Fantastic right?! Your Radius life will greatly improve if you start using tabs to switch back and forth between a record and a list view. If you don’t understand what this is talking about, you soon will!

Working with the Navigation Panel

Always forgetting where something is located when you were just there?  The Navigation Panel list the last 16 items you have viewed in Radius and it is displayed on the left-hand side of your Radius window. You can easily move from one record to another just by clicking on an item in the Recent Items list of the Navigation Panel. It’s a time saver instead of going from one module and searching over and over again.navigationphoto