You keep talking about my views….what are my views?!

Radius Definition of a View:  A List View is a screen that displays a list of records. For example the Contacts List View presents a list of Contacts; the Cases List View presents a list of Cases, etc.

How do we use views? Views are a way to organize the database in Radius for reports and email campaigns.  Every department in DELO has a different way of using Radius, so we organize the views to fit these needs.


Were the short inquiry forms successful?

Why do we have such short inquiry forms for the Online Services Programs?

We started doing this a year or so ago to see if it would increase the number of inquiries. Instead of relying on the contact to find the “Contact Us” page we gave them a way to contact us on the front webpage. Take a look at the increase from one year to the next!

Aug 1 – Oct 31, 2013 – 309 cases

Aug 1 – Oct 31, 2014 – 824 cases

I would say Carol Taylor  has her hands full and it’s only increasing! This was a great idea thought up by Jon Wilburn and I would say a successful one! Below is an example of a short form on the front page.Short Inquiry Form

Communication Plan Layout

Planning for a communication plan is overwhelming sometimes. If we are trying to send specific messages to a specific audience, how do we keep it all straight? I start with an excel sheet with all information put into a template and then create a visual aid. This visual aid varies depending on how specific we make the plan but still helps visualize the goals and steps we are guiding the students through.

The numbers represent a stage the contact is in in the communication plan. The call to actions guide them through and give us direction on what we need to communicate and when.

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 12.17.30 PM

Is it a communication plan or a marketing plan?



  • Marketing Plans considers how you will market your good attributes despite your competition and any other challenges.
  • Communication Plans tell how you want to communicate, what you want to communicate and when you want to communicate.

——-Communication plans can form part of a larger marketing plan, or stand alone, delivering strategies for events and campaigns.———